Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 9 & 10

I *know* I should be Olympic knitting, but I only managed to knit another few inches on Lolita this weekend. What am I thinking?? I am thinking I must have the Anthropologie-inspired capelet. I keep seeing it on Craftster and gracing the blogs of many lovely ladies out there in blogland, so I decided it would only add to my sweet victory for Team Sandbagger, and with 6 days remaining I have more than enough time to finish lolita. Let me tell ya'll, I love this little sweater! Now I finally have a little something to wear with my tanks tops and jeans! It is so snuggly and has a wonderful drape! I simply love the way it fits and feels on my body!

here is the 411:

Pattern-Anthropologie-inspired capelet by Julsey723. I pretty much followed the pattern as far as cast on and needle size (I even knit a swatch!) I preferred the knit side of the fabric, so made it the right side of my work. I added a half an inch to the collar rib for the neck, and also added a few rows to the arms so the stripes would be the same width on the body and the sleeves. I also added some length to the body because 1)I had enough yarn and hate to have little bits left and 2)I wanted it to be a bit longer to cover a bit more. So I have more of a minisweater than a capelet. The bottom two stripes are also in k1p1 rib instead of just the few rows called for in the pattern. Great pattern and a super easy knit!

Yarn-Filatura Di Crosa Tweeddy 100% wool(the darker grey, I am not sure of exact color-perhaps the color was Tweedy as well),Colorado Yarns Vail 100% superwash wool(light grey), white mystery cotton yarn from MIL. Since I did not have enough of any one yarn in my stash, I decided stripes would be quite nice, of course the yarns that would make lovely stripes were not the same weight, so I decided to hold the Vail yarn with the mystery cotton for the lighter stripes.

Have I mentioned I love this sweater! I will make more of these maybe throw a little variation in there to keep it interesting hmmm...cables perhaps? This sweater was finished within a 24 hour time period so I have no excuse not to make more!


Necia said...

Your sweater rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about it, from the stripe width, the colors, everything. 24hrs to producr too! You go girl! Great Job!

TheSteph said...

I love your sweater! I saw it on the crafster thread! At first I didn't realize it was you, my back-yard friend! :) So, did you just continue knitting in the round??? I think it turned out awesome!

I would love it if you could shoot a tute [hehe] my way... I really like the ease of this pattern and the QUICKNESS! We could even alter this one to have longer [like, I mean LONG] sleeves, too, right? Yay for knitting awesomeness.

Cutie said...

Looks great Amanda- sexy as per usual!

I see you beat me in making something for the "girls" ;)