Friday, February 17, 2006

day 7

Well, the first leg is finished, but instead of thigh highs I ended up with just over the knee fishnets...I still love it and can already see them paired with a short skirt.

I cast on the second leg last night after working 5 rows of Hoover.... I think I need to pick up a pair of metal circs to work the rest of hoover because the yarn just isn't sliding over my bamboo circs as easily as I would like and is making my stitches a little wonky, not to mention making my wrists hurt...not a good thing.


Persnickety Knitter said...

Wow. Your leg is like a mile long. ;)
Looks great. Are they comfortable to wear?

Cutie said...

Auntie Amanda,thanks so much for coming to my blog.... Because it led me to yours! How funny are you! Reading yours this morning,I nearly pissed myself lmao- thank you, thank you thank you again. I ended up reading all of January and February, and I will read more later, when I stop laughing from these months!

I am adding you to my "List of Blogs I read" on my blog and you have no choice lol!

You are also doing so many patterns I want to try- the pinwheel blanket, Lolita legs, glittery baby shoes... I was saving and linking patterns constantly whilst reading your blog! You are a fount of good pattern choices.

I am also placing your clever Haiku on my webpage for others to view.

Clever girl!

Barbara said...

It looks GREAT!! I'm really impressed- now just don't show my husband because I have a feeling he'll think thats the best knitting idea ever.. :)

I can't wait to see them both with some cute skirt! You're almost there!