Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am finally finished with Lolita Legs ( with three days to go no less!) and I am so glad it was an Olympic Knitting project otherwise I really do not think I would have ever finished. After, oh, about the ankle on the second leg I was so bored all I could think about was what I want to knit next. But I do think they are super cute! I will probably wear these right below the knee (even though you can't see the fishnet pattern as well) because they really do not stay up right above the knee, they tend to slip down as I walk.


Pattern: Lolita Legs

Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Fixation (98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic) 2 balls for size small and I only had about 6" leftover

Mods: I followed the pattern until I got to the leg portion, I just continued from there in Fishnet Patt 1 until piece measured 1" less than the measurement from heel to calf.( I also noted here how many pattern repeats I did so each leg would be identical. Count the holes) Then I did 1 set of increases on the back center of leg as follows -

needle 1:*YO, K2tog*

needle 2:*YO, K2tog* (4times)M1, YO, K2tog, (this is where the back center if leg would be, and it may be in a different place if you are much taller than I am) YO, K2tog, M1,*YO, K2tog* (4times)

needle 3:*YO, K2tog*

next row: K across

next row: needle 1:*YO, skp*
needle 2:*YO, skp* (4times)M1, K, YO, skp, (this is where the back center if leg would be, and it may be in a different place if you are much taller than I am) YO, skp, K, M1,*YO, skp* (4times)
needle 3:*YO, skp*

next row: K across

Continue working in fishnet pattern 1 until piece measures 2" below the knee (again note number of pattern repeats). Work 2 sets of increases, like above but make sure that the increases are on the center back of leg. This time mine happened to occur between needle 2 and needle 3.

Work Fishnet pattern 1 three more times.

*K,P* rib across 18 rows

eyelet row:*YO, K2tog*

K across next three rows and BO all stitches.

well, that seems about clear as mud...

Here is another pic of my favorite new sweater since I know ya'll all want to see it on me! Look Ma, no bra straps! I know she is so proud!

Well, Ya'll I am off to cast on a baby sweater that has been on my mind for the past few days, maybe I can finish it too before the end of the Olympics!

Wait a minute... a post with no curse words or mention of alcohol?? That just cannot fucking happen! Where is my damn drinky-poo?


Scoutj said...

Hot damn those are sexy!

Cutie said...


Tee hee.

How will you top these knits momma?


Persnickety Knitter said...

Your Lolita Legs came out great! And they appear to be very flattering. I wish I had the legs for those.

TheSteph said...

I really like the way your sweater came out! :) Nice pic.

hellokitty435 said...

Love the lolita legs! Have you seen SNB Knitting Nation Pattern for thigh highs?