Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day 8

In just one day of knitting on leg two of lolita I am at the same point as I was on day three of the first leg! Since both legs look the same I am going to be lazy and not take pics of leg two until I am all finished. *knock on wood* so far I have made no time consuming mistakes even after drinking waaaay too many Canadian Club and gingerales last night! If ya'll like whiskey you should really try it! mmm-mmm good. The Gaming One turned me onto them last night (cause they are what his daddy used to drink). I mixed myself 3 or 4 while he was gaming and I was watching the olympics and knitting. *and no, I am not an alcoholic, I am a lush. Alcoholics go to meetings and want to quit, lushes enjoying drinking!* When he finished playing he mixed himself one and commented how good it was...
him: baby you should taste this, it is the perfect mix! (hands me his glass)
me: (slurp) mmm that is good (hand him my glass which is mostly melted ice) here try mine (giggling on the inside)
him: ick yours is really watered down (this is when I get up with his drink in hand and announce that I am going to take a shower) Hey that is my drink!
me: now it is mine...(drunken giggling)
him: bitch (gets up to mix himself another drink)
me: (more giggling)
Good thing I am cute and he loves me so!
Thanks for the comments yesterday! Persnickety legs are not really all that long...I am just 5'2, I think it is the trees in the background playing tricks on the eyes. They actually are comfy! Much more so than my other fishnets cause my toes are not trying to escape and they are much warmer too! are too kind! (I am blushing) Glad ya find me so amusing! I am going to your blog to vote!

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